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Caught in the Grip of the City. Madness.


I have a bad habit of drawing the same thing again & again & again. Mostly, it’s out of laziness. I’ll put pencil to paper sometimes & not think & it turns into something. But it always seems to default to a very similar format. Typically characters from a range of straight on to a three quarter or a stark, impossible 90 degree profile. And usually they’re just standing around. I know. I know. It’s a rut. So what better way to bust out of my character drawing rut than draw something other than a character?

Not my best cityscape, sure. It’s rushed & no ruler was used but I want to keep these things quick. With a ruler, I would’ve been here all day. Could already make out some of the perspective wonkiness by flipping the page in photoshop, so yes, I’m aware. In my head, I was thinking of some of the shorter side of Tokyo when thinking in terms of architecture. Just random geometric shapes stacked ontop of itself.

Well, that’s one week down. 519 of these bitches to go.

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  1. 2010/01/08 8:46 pm

    Complain all you want, but, I think it’s a pretty rad cityscape. And cityscapes are my fave! I actually love how everything is stacked up on itself. Hopefully you’ll draw some more cityscapes? I’ll be looking out for them :D

  2. 2010/01/09 12:47 am

    I enjoy doing cityscapes, but I feel like I gotta pour a lot of time into one in order to get them just right. So hopefully, with these sketches I’m doing, an occasional city or couple of buildings or whatever will be just the practice I need to up my game & get quicker at it. So yeah, definitely keep an eye out! Thanks

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