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“Just a Humble Motherfucker with a Bigass Dick.”


Wednesday nights are really the only nights I can’t spend too much time effin’ around, so for today’s sketch, I’m resorting to an old sketch I did of Detective Bunk Moreland from The Wire uttering what his catchphrase would be, if that show were to have catchphrases (aside from “SHIIIIYYYYIIIT”). Really. More people oughta watch it.

That’s not to say that I didn’t sketch at all today. Earlier on, I asked for drawing suggestions on twitter. Steven Sanders (artist of such works as Marvel’s S.W.O.R.D. & one of my favorite comics to explain to people Five Fists of Science) tasked me with a concept. A really neat one:

It’s the 1930’s. Venus is thought to be rainy all the time. Draw something or someone that would live on or colonize it.

It required me a bit of research, so I started looking at Art Deco stuff, “cuz, hey! Deco was big back around then.” From there, a link led me to the 1939 World’s Fair, which then in turn led me to three more things. What ended up happening was a conceptualizing/brainstorming session where sketches were done, but more of a crazy starting point for a plot to something than anything cohesively nice looking conceptually. That & I was doing it while at work when the boss wasn’t looking…

Imagine this is like a christening for this voyage. So looking at Art Deco streamline stuff, some old 1930’s trains caught my eye. And as Leiji Matsumoto demonstrated to each & everyone of us, trains are viable space transportation, right? But to break orbit, you need some sort of staged rocket system, yeah? I was thinking different rocket rail cars that buffer the engine faster & faster until it’s launched off a rail at essentially 90 degrees straight up. So you got this train hurdling through the void of space towards our sister planet. How’s it going to land? Figure all that rain’s gotta pool up on a surface. Therefore, water landing. I didn’t include the cross sections but basically that side bit of the train where it pokes out? I was thinking the inside of that is a bathysphere capable of 360 degree rotation. This means, that to land on a Venutian body of fluid, the train essentially flips upside down & uses the engine body as a hull. From there it was a bit difficult to get into all of the ins & outs of colonizing per se, but granted, this is all geared for a one way trip. All the while, I had character ideas brewing where the guy going on this trip was bit of an absent minded professor, preparing to take the trip with his assistant, the daughter of a Japanese colleague. Another version was a Tuskegee Airman & it was totally a post steampunk Astronaut Jones in my head. Because I am simple. All the while, it was a great exercise. Unfortunately, I ended exercising more of the conceptual than just focusing on the actual art. Thanks, Steven!!

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