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Lenin. Cuz It’s Not Stalin.


Today’s sketch is of a character created by Brandon Graham. In the past, I’ve gushed about how awesome his blog is & all the cool comics he finds & posts & everything; but frankly, I think I did the guy a disservice by not mentioning his own comics (which were originally the reason I checked his blog so often in the first place). Each thing the guy does is packed with so much detail & info, you take your time going through, & you enjoy it. And on subsequent reads, you catch new things you may have missed, & you enjoy it all the more. He’s definitely among my favorite creators working in comics these days. And seriously, each piece I see this guy do is just more insane than the last.

So this is Sexica from Multiple Warheads, which is a kind of infrequent series he’s putting out through Oni Press. The next installment is probably the book I’m looking forward to the most this year. For those unfamiliar, it’s a nice blend of scifi, fantasy, pinko design aesthetic, & chicks walking around with katanas. How can you go wrong with any of that? She’s an organ smuggler. Her boyfriend’s a werewolf, & they’re slowly replacing their car with organic parts as they go out on an epic road trip. And it’s amazing. As for the character, she never really had a set in stone costume, so I when I started drawing, I had a cosmonaut hoodie in mind (I guess that headphone thing’s sewn into the side of the hood?, I dunno), but the jacket ended up a lot blander than I would have hoped.

At any rate, go read the first Multiple Warheads so you can wait impatiently for the next ones like me. Then go pick up Graham’s King City as well. Rival Spy Gangs, Flashbacks of Zombies engulfing Korea, the drugs abused by the survivors to alleviate that horror, & a guy that uses his cat to kick all sorts of ass.

On the health front, my cold’s better than it was yesterday but I’m still not back to 100%. Hopefully after taking some more cold medicine before bed tonight I’ll be able to function tomorrow. I kind of need to be able to function tomorrow. So here’s hoping!

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  1. 2010/01/08 8:37 pm

    Wow, this piece of art is fantastic. I really like it a lot. I don’t think the jacket came out bland at all. I’d really like a headphone sewn into the side of my hoodie!

  2. 2010/01/09 12:43 am

    Thanks very much!
    I don’t know, I’m one of those people that likes to add unnecessary detail. To me, the jacket feels like it’s lacking in comparison to other bits, but if it works for you, that’s cool.

  3. angela permalink
    2010/01/09 4:53 pm

    hey just saw this posted by brandon g.
    i love love love the jacket….the girl’s face…the hair…
    very hot. takin a look at your other stuff as well…so far i like.

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