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So Fresh, So Clean


While ago, I had a comic going on about a Kung Fu Fist Fight breaking out in a Laundromat over the use of a particular washing machine, & with each fighting style named after a song. I was working on it entirely digitally but then my means of drawing digitally crapped out. So it died. But a few artist friends I’ve talked to want to see it make a come back so I think I might start up a redux after finishing some other more immediate projects. But here’s the protagonist to the story: Colby.

In other news, I want to thank everyone who’s been giving me feedback & checking out what I’ve been posting these past couple days. I really appreciate it, so thanks a lot! Beyond that,I feel like I have a banger of a cold coming on. Considering I managed this far into the winter without too much ailing’s pretty good I suppose. Still sucks though. Anyway, I have other stuff I need to get back to before the Tylenol Cold kicks in.

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  1. 2010/01/04 10:22 am

    BAdass, I remember that comic! Any plans for it?

  2. 2010/01/04 11:43 pm

    Thanks! Yeah you, Johnny, & somebody else was bugging me about this & it was never that far from mind. I’d really like to get back to work on it, but once I finish up some other more immediate stuff.
    Thanks dude!

  3. christina (fence) permalink
    2010/01/06 4:10 am

    oh I remember this too! I remember SERPENTINE FIRE

    also seconding, thirding, or fourthing the notion to do it!

  4. 2010/01/08 12:23 am

    i will i will i will.
    i might make serpentine fire someone else’s style though. i think i’m going to give the one guy electric funeral after all. thanks again, very much for the suggestion!

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