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Let my Tape Rock til my Tape Pop


Here’s the deal.

I posted a remark on twitter recently joking about once again trying to draw & post a sketch a day. Point being that if I started with a sketch today, I could shoot for not only for a sketch for each day of the year, but possibly, for each day of the decade. Now this is a lofty goal for me at best, but I figure what the fuck? Why not? I’ve managed three & a half months before & while nothing that resulted was all that great, I think I managed to make some progress with the experience. So here we are. Let’s light this candle & see how long I can keep it up.

Some ground rules: Mostly warm-ups, nothing will be over 90 minutes. That’s the absolute maximum, as A) I’ve got to seriously work on getting quicker & B) I have no lack of other more important art I should rather be doing. While a drawing must be completed each day on the day, I’m not going to be as strict as I’ve been in the past where it’d be the end of the world if I posted a little after midnight into the next day. That being said, the aim will always be to try & turn around each sketch as quick as possible. And at some point, once I get more comfortable with drawing at an acceptable pace, I’d like to switch over from single pin-up sketches to comic pages. Probably random one page stories or things personal projects I’d be working on anyway. But we’re gonna start light. That’s the deal.

As a matter of full disclosure, today’s sketch was started prior to today, but finished a short time ago while waiting for some files to load. Did a low res color job to test PS after encountering problems with trying to color & format things in the program yesterday. Had some malware slowing things down but that’s out the way so back to that. Chick’s just a random girl apparently out in the cold.

See you tomorrow.

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