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So I had started this thing up again & then life proceeded to get in the way. Been busy lately, but I’ve got drawings & things to share some point soon. Besides I’m sure you’re getting barraged with all sorts of year/decade-end lists in your RSS right now anyway. Like you care. Like you weren’t cognizant. But the last thing you probably need is more on top of that. So you go through everyone’s list while I get my shit together & scan some sketchbook pages.

Until then: HEY! Did you know Syd Mead helped design mechs for one of the Gundam Series? Hot damn.

Far left was the original design, but Tomino scrapped it for the version to the immediate left, with the more iconic look. The first iteration got reused though, as something called Mobile Suit Sumo.

Just… You know. FYI.

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