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Chock Full O’ Punk Diseases


This is Nova. He was born in Russia but raised in LA & now he’s a demon. When he’s not too busy lamenting over a succubus, his arms are literally ripping apart into bloody tentacles that flail about real horrorshow. He’s pretty neat actually.

As most you following may already know, he was created by Fowlie & is a Void staple. For those who may not know, is a pretty neat website. In real basic terms, you make a character & submit it to the site along with everyone else’s characters. You issue or receive challenges, & upon accepting, the two creators then each complete a comic somehow involving the two characters. Unlike other similar sites & things though, Void is no bullshit. None of those roleplaying or other mental masturbatory shenanigans going on. The focus is on the comics & the quality thereof. And it’s not just Anime or Superheroes or Gag strips; it encompasses everything. If you’re looking to improve or just keep skills sharp, it’s a good place to hang from time to time.

Anyway, I was involved in a big event on the site about a year ago & screwed up pretty hardcore. After having talked big game way prior to completion (a problem I often find myself having), I let Fowlie down & thus the fanart in hopes of making up for it. Drawn & colored a few months back (just posting this for now as I work on some fresher stuff). Yes, I realize I drew his feet way too small. Sue me.

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