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We came back. We were always coming back.


So, at the behest of a friend, I first created this blog a couple of years ago. For a few months, it went completely unused until I saw some comic artists turning their blogs into a sketch-a-day sort of format which I was all hep to get into trying. And I managed to maintain it for a solid 3.5 months, only to eventually fuck up & miss posting after going away for NYCC that year. And then it fell dormant again. I checked back on it a few times, & hated everything that was posted. Besides, after a few format changes, the sizing & everything was all out of whack anyway & it really just looked awful. So to start fresh, all of that material has been moved elsewhere for now (ask if you’re interested, but know the stuff there’s not that great), & we’re off to a brand spanking new blog for me to eventually tire of & delete or move in a similar fashion. Hooray.

Problem is, I hate having to write introductory posts or mission statements or any of that nonsense. In fairness, since it’s more of just a reboot anyhow, I’m just going to hit the ground running, provide a little something-something for your listening pleasure (see below), & hope you dig what you see in the coming posts. Which will pretty much be random sketches, occasional comic pages, fevered rantings, writing excerpts, crap that caught my attention that day, & other forms of inane bullshit.

And I’ve had the above paragraphs kicking around in “draft” form on here for a few weeks, waiting to get materials together to launch all properly & shit. But fuck that. My grandfather, whom I was very close to, just passed away this week & it’s made me realize Life’s too short to get caught up on making sure every link works properly & the margins line up & that kind of asinine bullshit.  This blog re-launches now!

Please to Enjoy!


Introit by William Sheller

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